Speedy Fingers

Sexy Abbie is stuffing a small glass into her cunt, and she likes it! 8 pictures, and one short clip on PlayfulHands.com, enjoy!

Abbie, The Pussy Teaser

We all love bananas, so does Abbie, but she has a special way of treating this fruit! First she puts it into her mouth, and then stuffs it all into her beautiful pussy! Later even a hammer is found, but we really have no idea what happened with it. For the banana, we have a clue!

Abbie Cat – A Day at the Spa

Abbie is at the spa, and she is really enjoying herself. She had a massage, and she did fancy her masseur, so they started massaging each other’s sexual organs, and had a really good time, as you can see from these wonderful pictures by 21sextury. Enjoy!

Abbie Cat – The Artist

Abbie Cat’s painter is a very horny person, and Abbie really knows how to handle a huge erect cock. I think we all wish we had a sexy model like Abbie Cat, don’t we?

Abbie Cat – Blowjob

You better watch out if a carpenter comes into your house! Abbie did not enough money, so she had to blow the guy to finish the job… Work well done!